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    Hi i got the matrix reloaded the newest one the one that says dvd rip not the replica release. Anyways i encoded it to svcd mpeg and when i play it on my pc it has no sound. Is there a way that i can add audio to it i have already taken out the audio with virtuadub but is there a way that i can add that sound into the mpeg. Please any help would be apreciated.


    EDIT Or is there any other way to do it or am i doin somin wrong i used tmpgenc

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    Any1 plezz???

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    try useing main concept encoder or canopus encoder they r miles better then that tmpfenc or wot ever its called i dont no y people use that program all i ever c is people asking with ive done wroung with it
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    Thanx man im gonna try it now im using main concept encoder and its like 50 time faster than tmpgenc. ill reply when it dun. it took me 8 hours to encode it with tmpgenc and now its taking 1 hour to encode with main concept encoder.

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    no worrys mate
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    jus previewed it sound evrythin works, great proggy. Way better that tmpgenc

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    if u u fell like canopud pro coder is even better then that one just a little more trick to work out tho
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