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Thread: I Think Ive Found The Fastest

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    i think ive found the fastest drum n bass
    try searchin for "Concord Dawn" download one of there songz there oki

    the beginings of the songs are usually pretty crap but then they get soooooooo fast and full of bass

    any 1 else know any good drum n bass like

    andy c
    ram trilogy
    diesel boy
    dj hype

    any more??????

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    I Know it could hardly be classed as "drum & bass", butI seem to recall a track by Moby called "Thousand" which was 1000 BPM.
    Is there any quicker?

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    See if you can download Bass, Breaks And Beats 2003.
    CD2 has all the good ones

    Dj Hype

    Its heaven to me

    Track 8,9,12,16 i like B)

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    i have that but im more into underground jungle n bass

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    why not just get some editing equipment and you'll be able to speed up any piece of music?
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    why not use a Lawn Moer faster dobule kick sound there is


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