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Thread: Matrix Revolutions Trailer/preview

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    I was just wondering if there was a good copy of the Revolutions trailer from the end of Reloaded. I know there is one, but it has this very annoying little box that jumps around the screen the whole time. The others I've downloaded are either the one from the game (which I have, so I can see whenever I want) or the super bowl commercial which mainly shows screens from Reloaded instead of Revolutions. I'll take a sig2dat link or torrent. Thanks in advance,

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    go here

    they have a good version u need quick time though

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    sorry I don't have a hash but a perfect copy is 13,317 kb. perfect

    artist is randomhero
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    Thanks Guyver2003, but that's the trailer from Enter the Matrix. The one at the end of Reloaded is different.

    I'm going to try searching for that Busyman, thanks. I'll post back here in a little while.

    * Later * Nope, sorry Busyman but that's also off the game. Alright, here's how it is:
    1) There is one trailer that is unlocked after you beat Enter the Matrix (which I have, so I can watch whenever I want, don't want to download this&#33
    2) There is the reloaded/revolutions superbowl trailer. It only shows acouple scenes from revolutions and I can download this from, I don't want this!
    3) After the credits of Reloaded there is a completely different trailer that starts with the Oracle saying "Everything that has a begginning has an end" and zooms into Neo waking up. This is the one I want. I have found one but it has an annoying box that jumps around the screen the whole time (mostly in the middle). Anyone have a good copy of this one? Thanks,

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    File:The_Matrix_Revolutions_Teaser.SVCD.Centropy (from reloaded movie_.mpg
    Length:27123712 Bytes, 26488KB

    heres a torrent here

    i downloaded it from the torrent site myself, verified it, it is the trailer from the end of reloaded, not the game one, i have both, and it was ripped by centropy....

    and Chris, the reason you have that "little checker box" dancing around, is because you are using a unregistered version of the Elecard Mpeg2 codec, and that video uses that mpeg2 codec... i totally removed that codec from my system, even the registry, and then reinstall the klite codec pack, Which uses the Ligos mpeg2 codec, but if you dont totally get rid of the elecard one first, it will have priority over the ligos version, gl.

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    Oh God, I remember waiting to see that the first time I saw Reloaded. Oy, it was painful to sit through all the damn American/Australian credits. But it was worth it!

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    Yeah, same here, but I went to a special showing at 10 on the 14th. 2 theatre holding 500 people were sold out and people had been in line since 11 in the morning, and while I was in line they came out and said to wait at the end for the trailer so there were probably 3 people that left and didn't wait. Then I went back to watch it in IMAX and just about everyone left, I'd say 20 people stayed. I just wish I could find a good one to download.


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