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Thread: New Monitor......i Need Your Expertise

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    I'm pretty sure that my current monitor is about to die so I've been looking around. So far I found some good ones, mostly Samsung, anybody have any suggestions? Under $300 please.....

    Samsung Syncmaster 955 DF
    Samsung Syncmaster 955 MB
    Samsung Syncmaster 950 B
    Samsung Syncmaster 765 MB
    Samsung Syncmaster 900 NF
    Samsung Syncmaster 957 MB
    ViewSonic A90f+

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    Shine all of those.

    Look for a 19' FD Trinitron Sony monitor. You should be able to find one for >$300

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    Brand new monitors are not all nice and clear.

    If youre going to buy a monitor, get a Sony or an NEC since they are the two best monitors you can get imo. If they are to expensive, and you get another brand, make sure you have a look at them working and make sure there is no fuzziness at all since this is the thing that your eyes will be staring at alot.

    My NEC Multisynce V930 19" is the best monitor i have ever had. I am amazed at how clear it is even when i stick my face right into it

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    i got a LG Flatron 775FT very flat screen clear best i have had.

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    Look at the "dot pitch" specification.

    The smaller the number, the better. (0.25mm or smaller is good)

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    My suggestion is to get a sony. Compaq, Dell and Sun monitors are all made by Sony. They have a fine dotch pitch and are nice and clear.

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    NEC and Mitsubishi are basically the same product and I'd agree about judging based on what they actually look like.
    NEC is an excellent picture for the price.
    I've seen a lot of crap Sonys while servicing cablesystems. Sure they were expensive and recieved good reviews but, I'd guess there was a little more time spent on the setup of the ones the reviewers recieved.
    I have heard they roll off the line with an allowable variance of up to 20% off specified settings and no one ever actually looks at the picture for quality aside from checking what the scope readings show.
    Look at a wall of sonys in a large store sometime. If they're all on the same source and haven't been tweaked, they all look quite different.
    Dot pitch is some help but your own eyes will tell the truth.
    The mask used on these "good" monitors may just not look as good as a $300 NEC.

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    Not all Sony's are of the same quality. I worked at Sony's plant three for 2 years in San Diego. Most of their larger monitors are good, but......they do make some crap in the 15"-17" range. The Sun systems 21" with RGB inputs is the best 21" I've ever used. I got mine as an RMA from the Sony employee store.

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    I would suggest a small monitor that's flat screen. Though any monitor can be a good monitor.


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