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Thread: Downloaded T3

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    called ums-t3tsa. how do i burn these to a disk, or convert them to view. thx!

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    Use WinRAR to unpack them.Then burn the bins to disc using Nero or similar.

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    thx so much

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    well i thought i could figure this out but haveing problems. can any 1 be more specific. thx

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    well i think wots been said by jay973 is actually specific enuff

    neway the rar files

    Extract With WinRAR Download Here
    If The Extracted File is BIN or CUE burn With Nero or Use VCDGear to extract the mpgs
    If The Files are VOB's either burn with a DVD-RW, play with a DVD Player (WinDVD for example) or convert to avi or mpg

    Hope it helps

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    Can someone shed a little light on a few things:
    1.if these T3 files are bins/cues can i just burn em to VCD without converting anything???
    2.Does anyone know if the T3 divx version now doing the rounds is the TCF or UMS version (just saves a lot of time downloading)...cheers in advance
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    i no i think the divx is the UMS as on bytemonsoon it sez converted from DVD to AVI and UMS Version is DVD

    and bins and cues dnt need converting

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    Cheers m8...and still pissed my Avatars are down!!!
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    no problem


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