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Thread: What's Your Favorite Game From Kazaa?

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    What's your favorite game from kazaa?if you know which game you like from kazaa please post your opinion.

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    Elder scrolls III: Morrowind!

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    I don't think i've d'l any games that work from kazzaa yet??
    I always use e-mule for games and so far i've d/l at least 10 without a problem or corrupt file it's great!!!
    u should get it if u don't already have it!! it's slow at first but give it a few days and it's the best!!!


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    hitman 2

    mr bro likez monopoly tycoon

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    Alright dude, hitman 2 was my favorite game too. Second after that would be GTA:vice city, but only because you get to do wheelies on motorcycles.


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