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Thread: Keep login details safe

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    We've all seen the recent user database hacks/leaks and quite a few members have complained that they've lost access to trackers, email accounts and their FST account because they used the same password and kept login information emails on their web-based email system.

    I suggest a simple yet effective method of keeping login details safe... use POP access with a local email client just for your tracker login details.

    POP (Post Office Protocol) allows an email client to download all emails to your computer, deleting the messages from the server.

    A few recommended email clients:
    • TheBat! (it's what I use)
    • Pegasus Mail
    • Eudora
    • Outlook
    • Outlook Express
    • Thunderbird
    • PocoMail
    You can either set up a POP email account with your ISP, or set up a gmail account and change its settings to allow POP access. Then configure your email client to access the account - setup details will be found on ISP's and Gmail's Help pages.
    Once this is done, go to each tracker you have an account on and change the registered email address (if allowed) to your new one.
    Then you can reset the passwords; some trackers allow you to generate a random password from your profile but almost all have a password recovery page that generates one once you click the link in the confirmation email.
    If you can't change the registered email on a tracker (hello UK-T), simply change/reset the password and forward the email with the new password on to the new address.

    Setting things up this way will prevent anyone who happens to get into your email account from getting access to all your tracker accounts.
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    Isn't it just writing down all passwords into the text file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AugustoP View Post
    Isn't it just writing down all passwords into the text file?
    exactly what i did
    more easier and less complicted

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    Good Idea!

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    I have learn that in the "hard way"...

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    i keep my every password safe in OrgPassword ..

    OrgPassword provides a convenient system for storing different
    kinds of personal information. Using a set of templates, you can
    create a competently organized catalogues for your passwords,
    emails, news, software, notes, private calendar, Outlook accounts
    and newsgroups. Access to all data is provided through a well
    encrypted master password

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    I chose 1 word out of the dictionary and used all of its synonyms as passwords with one special character shared between them all. This way, if somehow I lost my long list of passwords, I only have about 30 passwords to try. Also, having long cool words as passwords rules.

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    Thanks Chewie, great information.

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