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Thread: Trying to get better uploads (noob q)

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    Sorry for the n00b question. I hope the answer helps others...

    I am seeding a lot of files to a few different trackers. Even though I have 11 files "seeding" (the rest are queued), only 3-4 are actually uploading data. The others show peers, but they are not connected.

    To better explain, in Azureus, I have peers in the (), but not next to the ().

    How do I connect to more people? Is it my connection? Is it my settings? I just want to be a better seed and I have more bandwidth to share

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    increase your number of slots, but i don't use AZ anymore, and cant remember what tab its on.

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    you must be aware that there is always large number of partial downloaders that show up as leechers even tho they have already finished downloading...

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    right, but it would not be queued then.

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    I'm doing something wrong. I have one tracker complaining (since I'm the only seed) that I am seeding but not uploading. Could it be the settings? Maybe encryption?

    Does any one know if there is a log that can help interpret whats going on?

    Again, sorry for the noob questions.

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    Do you have comcast isp, if so that might be one of the problems. And seeding 11 torrents might be too much for your isp to handle try limiting the number of torrents

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    Are you connectible by having your ports forwarded correctly on your router?

    If you answer is no then post your router brand and model and then maybe we can help you get connectible or you can go to and look for your router then select azureus and it should give you a step by step guide.

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    I'm definetely connectible.

    I have Optonline Boost (5mbit ul).

    EDIT: I wanted to add that the files seeding and not uploading have "blue faces" next them. I know this means the tracker is down, but I have other files seeding w/o the blue face from the same tracker...
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    use utorrent

    much easier and uses less memory!

    fcuk azureus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tintin123 View Post
    use utorrent

    much easier and uses less memory!

    fcuk azureus!
    AZ seems to work best on OSX for me. My linux box should be up and running by the morning. I'll see if that changes anything...


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