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Thread: Were Are All Thiefes

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    He, not that I realy care but I just thought... we are all thiefes... I mean, is there anyone on kazaa who as "bought" more that 10 pc games.
    With this GOD GIVEN program we actualy steal the software other people made right? just like the whole Music biz...

    I don't realy know what I'm saying, cause i'm a bit drunk so if thinks are unclear

    tho if god didn't want kazaa to excist... than kazaa wouldn't be the best programm ever, right?
    God want's us to have KaZaA! so everybody who says we'ra stealing... shut up.

    God has a plan, and even if he made a mistake, he gave us kazaa.

    i'm going to sleep now

    dear god

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    umm ok..
    Thinks it us that are making the bad choices

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    This looks like a Lounge post.
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    I've bought almost all of my games. I just download 'em first, cause demos suck.

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    Its not stealing unless someone is missing something....just ask yourself would i have bought it if i could not download it....if the answer is no....the developer has lost nothing.

    100% of the things i download i would NOT what have the developers or musicians lost?

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    God is geh...Only programs I buy are online games so I can have a valid key to play online.

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    Thiefes ???

    Maybe we're all Chiefes ?

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    I just think of it as payback for all the times I've bought a CD & found that most of it was crap, or when I bought a CD when I already had the vinyl, or even if I've got the vinyl but no means to convert to MP3. I could go on ......Oh by the way I don't think GOD minds he just wants us to have fun

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    Originally posted by Kevhead2@6 July 2003 - 04:27
    Its not stealing unless someone is missing something
    i dont mean 2 b disrespectin u or nethin, but that a load of BS............... if i blow ur brains out and no1 finds ur body, ur sayin i didnt kill u????? dun think so............
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