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Thread: News From Iraq

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    Oh, please...
    This is intended for informational purposes only.

    The following is a great SITREP, is from an Army engineer working very
    hard in Iraq on doing all those very many difficult things necessary to
    enable the Iraqi people to eventually take care of themselves and allow our
    folks to come back home. ...and all we have to do back here is be patient
    and supportive and let all of these good people do their jobs.

    It has been a while since I have written to my friends at First Lutheran
    Church about what's really going on here in Iraq. The news you watch on TV
    is exaggerated, sensationalized and selective. Good news doesn't sell.

    The stuff you don't hear about on CNN? Let's start with Electrical Power
    production in Iraq. The day after the war was declared over, there was
    nearly 0 power being generated in Iraq. 45 days later, in a partnership
    between the Army, the Iraqi people and some private companies, there
    are now 3200 mega watts (Mw) of power being produced daily, 1/3 of
    the total national potential of 8000 Mw. Downed power lines (big stuff,
    400 Kilovolt (Kv) and 132 Kv) are being repaired and are about 70%

    Then there is water purification. In central Iraq between Baghdad and
    Mosul, home of the 4th Infantry Division, water treatment was spotty at
    best. The facilities existed, but the controls were never implemented.
    Simple chemicals like Chlorine for purification and Alum (Aluminum Sulfate)
    for sediment settling (the Tigris River is about as clear as the Mississippi River)
    were in very short supply or not used at all. When chlorine was used, it was
    metered by the scientific method of guessing. So some people got pool water
    to drink and some people got water with lots of little things floating around in it.
    We are slowly but surely solving that. Contracts for repairs to facilities that
    are only 50% or less operational are being let, chemicals are being delivered,
    although we don't have the metering problem solved yet (...but again, it's only
    been 45 days).

    How about oil and fuel? Well the war was all about oil wasn't it? You bet
    it was. It was all about oil for the Iraqi people! They have no other
    income, they produce nothing else. Oil is 95% of the Iraqi GNP. For this
    nation to survive, it MUST sell oil. The Refinery at Bayji is at 75% of
    capacity producing gasoline. The crude pipeline between Kirkuk (Oil Central)
    and Bayji will be repaired by tomorrow (2 June). LPG, what all Iraqi's use
    to cook and heat with, is at 103% of normal production and WE, the US ARMY,
    are insuring it is being distributed FAIRLY to ALL Iraqis.

    You have to remember that only 3 months ago, ALL these things were used by
    the Sadam regime as weapons against the population keep them in line. If
    your town misbehaved, gasoline shipments stopped, LPG pipelines and trucks
    stopped, Water was turned off, power was turned off. Now, until exports
    start, every drop of gasoline produced goes to the Iraqi people. Crude oil
    is being stored and the country is at 75% capacity right now. They need to
    export or stop pumping soon, thank the UN for the delay.

    ALL LPG goes to the Iraqi people EVERYWHERE. Water is being purified as
    best it can be, but at least it's running all the time to everyone. Are we
    still getting shot at? Yep. Are American Soldiers still dying? Yep, about 1
    a day from my outfit, the 4th Infantry Division, most in accidents, but dead
    is dead.

    If we are doing all this for the Iraqis, why are they shooting at us? The
    general Iraqi population isn't shooting at us. There are still bad guys,
    who won't let go of the old regime. They are Ba'ath party members (Read Nazi
    Party, but not as nice) who have known nothing but and supported nothing but
    the regime all of their lives. These are the thugs for the regime that
    caused many to disappear in the night. They have no other skills. At least
    the Nazis had jobs and a semblance of a national infrastructure that they
    could go back to after the war, plumbers, managers, engineers, etc.,
    ...these people have no skills but terror. They are simply applying their

    ...and we are applying ours. There is no Christian way to say this, ..but
    they must be eliminated and we are doing so with all the efficiency we can
    muster. Our troops are shot at literally everyday by small arms and Rocket
    Propelled Grenades (RPGs). We respond. 100% of the time, the Ba'ath party
    guys come out with the short end of the stick. The most amazing thing to me
    is that they don't realize that if they stopped shooting at us, we would
    focus on fixing things more quickly and then go on back to the land of the
    Big PX. The more they shoot
    at us, the longer we will have to stay.

    Lastly, all of you please realize that 90% of the damage you see on TV was
    caused by Iraqis, NOT by us and not by the war. Sure we took out a few
    bridges from military necessity, we took out a few power and phone lines to
    disrupt communications, sure we drilled a few
    palaces and government headquarters buildings with 2000 lb. laser guided
    bombs (I work 100 yards from where two hit the Tikrit Palace), he had plenty
    to spare. But, ANY damage you see to schools, hospitals, power generation
    facilities, refineries, pipelines, was ALL caused either by the Iraqi Army
    in its death throes or from much of the Iraqi civilians looting the places.

    Could we have prevented it? Nope.

    We can and do now, but 45 days ago the average soldier was fighting for his
    own survival and trying to get to his objectives as fast as possible. He
    was lucky to know what town he was in much less be informed enough to know
    who owned what or have the power to stop a 1,000 people from looting and
    burning a building by himself.

    The United States and our allies, especially Great Britain, are doing a
    very noble thing here. We stuck our necks out on the world's chopping block
    to free an entire people from the grip of a horrible terror that was beyond

    I've already talked the weapons of mass destruction thing to death,
    ...bottom line, who cares? This country was one big conventional weapons
    ammo dump anyway. We have probably destroyed more weapons and ammo in the
    last 30 days than the US Army has ever fired in the last 30 years (Remember,
    this is a country the size of Texas), so drop the WMD argument as the reason
    we came here, ....if we find it GREAT, if we don't, SO WHAT?

    I'm living in a "guest palace" on a 500 acre palace compound with 20
    palaces with like facilities built in half a dozen towns all over Iraq that
    were built for one man. Drive down the street and out into the countryside 5
    miles away like I have and see all the families of
    10 or more, all living in mud huts and herding the two dozen sheep on which
    their very existence depends, ...then tell me why you think we are here.

    WMD? ...important, ..have to find 'em wherever they may be ( Syria?),
    but not OUR real motivator. Don't let it be yours either.


    Deputy Division Engineer
    4th Infantry Division
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

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    Thanks j2.

    It's interesting to hear from someone who isn't trying to grab the attention of the jaded during a 1/2 hour news report.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Smacks to much of propogander for me.
    Sorry can't take it seriously.

    Wouldn't it be nice if it was true.


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    Originally posted by Neil__@6 July 2003 - 11:33
    Smacks to much of propogander for me.
    Sorry can't take it seriously.

    Quel suprise.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    I will admit - That has made a lot of points to me, despite being against the war at the time.

    Though in the same way, it's also enforced what I've believed - IMO the soldiers were following orders. They were doing it for their country yet were still acknowledging that some didn't think it was necessary. To put that behind them took a lot of honour and I truly respect the soldiers who acknowledged the points of both for & against the war and still did what their duty was.

    My problem was with the politicians - If it was about liberating Iraq, then why TF didn't they just keep with that instead of the WMD s*** which has since been proven wrong? I can't tell whether they had some other interest or whether they thought they were playing a real-life version of Command & Conquer, but it seems like it could have been either one of them. IMO if anyone trusted Bush/Blair again, it won't be before the next elections.

    Thanks for posting that j2k4 - Sometimes hearing this from the scene is more reliant than listening to the press 24/7

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    Originally posted by clocker+6 July 2003 - 18:44--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (clocker &#064; 6 July 2003 - 18:44)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-Neil__@6 July 2003 - 11:33
    Smacks to much of propogander for me.
    Sorry can&#39;t take it seriously.

    Wouldn&#39;t it be nice if it was true.


    Quel suprise. [/b][/quote]
    I was being synpathetic but it doesn&#39;t hit me as true
    Or at best selectively released.

    Edit sorry got arsey

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    A lot is probably true as he see&#39;s it.

    However we know that an awful lot of it ISNT true, so unfortunately the whole letter gets discredited.

    For example:

    But, ANY damage you see to schools, hospitals, power generation
    facilities, refineries, pipelines, was ALL caused either by the Iraqi Army
    in its death throes or from much of the Iraqi civilians looting the places.
    Iraqi military didnt have Cluster Bombs, Smart Bombs or Artillery trained on their own cities, and thats where most of the collateral damage was done.

    I know that they did take out Power Generators etc..but this was via exposives planted on them, as they were leaving or prior to coalition attack (eg Basrah)...this is different from infrastructure hit by an area weapon, which is in the news.

    These areas could also, granted be in the minority...we all know that the Journalists aim for the best story/higher ratings etc.

    However the fact that they DO exist, we&#39;ve SEEN them, while this Officer is saying they dont exist at all....

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    and dont forget Saddam supporters convinced the Americans that the HQ of the main opposition party in Iraq was a terrorist safehouse and they destroid that.

    and they still have &#036;50,000 dollars of party funds that thay havent given back

    Hardly Looting or is it?

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    Unreported US casualties in just the past month

    From Mohammed Daud Miraki

    Dear Mr. Rense:

    In light of the Guerilla Warfare in Iraq, there has been hardly any news from Afghanistan. I was able to confirm the following news stories about US, Italian and German losses from May 30 2003 to June 30, 2003.

    From May 30 2003 to June 30, 2003, 34 American soldiers have been killed in eastern and southeastern Afghanistan. In addition, 8 Italian soldiers and one German were also killed.


    Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD


    Afghan DU & Recovery Fund

    34 American, 8 Italian And One German Killed, And One

    US Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan


    Italien Soldiers Killed

    MEERANSHAH (AZZAM) -- Italian soldiers were killed and many others injured when Mujahideen forces attacked them. In Paktika at 21.00 local time on Saturday, a Mujahideen unit attacked an Italian vehicle with several rockets. 18 Italian soldiers were on-board, and as soon as the rockets hit the vehicle it exploded into a ball of fire. The Italian military claim that only three soldiers were killed with five others wounded (one of whom died on the way to Bagram medical centre), however independent sources suspect the fatality figure to be between eight and ten.

    Another operation was mounted in Gardez, where here a guard duty team was ambushed due killing three US marines and critically injuring one more. The US military vehicle was also destroyed in this attack.

    It is suspected that the Mujahideen also sustained losses, however no details are available at present.

    Khost Airport Attacked

    KHOST (AZZAM): A remotely controlled rocket attack was launched at Khost&#39;s older airport by the Mujahideen. This occurred at 01.30 on Saturday, and as the rockets hit the inner sections of the military camp heavy casualties are expected.

    Coalition Forces Raid Religuos Leader&#39;s Home

    KHOST (AZZAM): Coalition forces fired rockets at the home of Maulvi Jalaluddin in Khost and in Israeli-style evacuation,grazed the house to the ground using bombs and rockets. One local guard was arrested and moved to Bagram.

    Later, in house to house searches, Coalition forces found 40 anti-tank landmines.

    Perhaps in retaliation, the Mujahideen attacked a nearby Coalition checkpost later that night. The Mujahideen used automatic weapons and the fire-fight lasted 90 minutes leaving the Coalition checkpost ablaze. Coalition casualties are being kept secret.

    US Vehicle Rolls Over As Chases Mujahideen

    PAKTIKA (AZZAM): In an embarrassing incident, a US military vehicle rolled over as it was attempting to capture a small Mujahideen unit. One US marine was killed in the accident.

    Explosive Cinema

    HELMAND (AZZAM): A bomb was detonated in a cinema in Helmand killing three Afghan soldiers loyal to Hamid Karzai who were on duty there. No one has so far accepted responsibilty for the attack.

    Coalition Forces in Shakeen Attacked

    PAKTIA (AZZAM): A 10-man Mujahideen unit armed with rockets and grenades attacked Coalition forces in the Shakeen region of Paktia. However, no casualties on either side have been reported.

    June 28, 2003

    ASADABAD (AZZAM): Islam online reported that the Mujahideen attacked US troops in Asadabad region of monday and killed two on the spot. In an attack in Beermal two Afghan troops were killed and four others sustained life threatening injuries.

    June 26, 2003

    Eight Coalition Soldiers Killed:

    MEERHANSHAH (AZZAM): Eight Coalition soldiers were killed and several others injured as their military vehicle hit a landmine. The soldiers were in a convoy on the Gardez-Kabul highway, travelling from eastern Afghanistan, when the landmine detonated. All eight soldiers on board were killed, whilst several other nearby soldiers were wounded, some critically. The jeep had been turned to rubble.

    June 18, 2003

    BAGRAM (AZZAM): Mujahideen units fired six rockets over US bases in Uruzgan, Asadabad and Urgun pre-dawn Sunday. US military spokesman Col. Roodney Davis at a press conference in Bagram acknowledged the attack, but claimed that no casualties were sustained. He added that Afghan militia are carrying out intelligence gathering to ascertain the location of the attackers.

    June 17, 2003

    One US soldiers killed:

    MEERANSHAH: In a series of rocket attacks on Khost&#39;s older airport, one US soldier was killed and many others severely injured.

    Mujahideen has issued a warning to the Afghan government to expected a barrage of martyrdom operations, and given an ultimatum for Afghanis to leave Karzai government within ten days or to expect dire consequences. Consequently, 25 Afghan families have migrated to Pakistan.

    Four remote controlled missiles hit the US base in Gardez. So far no details of casualties have been received.

    June 16, 2003

    NORTHERN WAZIRISTAN: Two US marines were killed while one sustained life threatening injuries as a result of &#39;friendly fire&#39; in Afghan province of Paktika. Details revealed by US sources state that US marines were on their regular guard duty patrol when exchange of harsh words occurred between four troops on board a jeep. One of the US marine suddenly opened fired over all his companions in the jeep. As a result two US troops were killed on the spot. The driver was not able to control the jeep due to sudden firing and thus the jeep fell into a ditch. The driver and the attacking US troop also sustained life threatening injuries. On this occasion the US troops in the following vehicles thought that there was some enemy attack and opened blind firing in every direction. Later on it was revealed that the incident was a result of friendly fire. US transport helicopters shifted the dead and injured to Bagram airbase. Investigations of the incident have been ordered by US central command.

    US Base in Kunar Attacked

    KUNAR (AZZAM): Mujahideen attacked a US military base in southern Afghan province of Kunar. Mujahideen fired three rockets all hitting their targets. US sources denied any casualties in this attack. The US military spokesman said that with the rise of temperature in Afghanistan, there has been a significant increase in attacks over coalition forces in the region including numerous missile and rocket attacks and face to face exchange of firing.

    June 12, 2003

    Six American Soldiers killed

    KABUL (AZZAM): In direct contrast to claims by the newly knighted Sir Hamid Karzai that his forces were in full control of Afghanistan, Mujahideen units mounted a series of deadly operations across Afghanistan against Coalition forces killing at least 10 and wounding dozens more.

    One such attack occurred in the district of Zeerok in Khost in which a Mujahideen unit fired rocket launchers at a US Special forces vehicle killing six American soldiers. These US Special forces had been posted in the region recently to assist Italian troops against the Mujahideen.

    Mujahideen Attack US Checkpost, US Refuses To Admit Casualties

    PAKTIKA (AZZAM): Mujahideen forces mounted a sophisticated attack on a US checkpost in the district of Shikeen in Paktika, by surrounding the Coalition soldiers from three sides. Mujahideen forces unleashed a barrage of rocket launchers, heavy machine gun fire and hand grenades on the Coalition soldiers.

    It is strongly suspected that a significant number of American soldiers were killed in this attack, however, in-keeping with US disregard for the freedom of the press, no figures on American casualites have been released. However, it has been confirmed that four Afghan militia (on the American pay-roll) who were positioned at the front of the checkpost were killed in the operation.

    Even though the US refused to admit to its casualties, it was more than keen to point out (via a military spokesman at Bagram) that the US troops had repulsed a major offensive at the Shikeen checkpost killing four Mujahideen soldiers in the process. This has not yet been confirmed by the Mujahideen.

    June 07, 2003

    KANDAHAR (AZZAM): Attacks by Mujahideen units in various Afghan regions left 56 US and Afghan troops dead. Afghan authorities claim to have martyred eight Mujahideen including a commander. Mujahideen ambushed a coalition military convoy in Lowee Karez region of Kandahar province due to which three military vehicles were destroyed and 25 US and Afghan troops were killed. One Mujahid also embraced martyrdom in this battle.

    Mujahideen also attacked a joint compound of police and military in Kandahar. Corps commander Kandahar Khan Muhammad while speaking to AFP said that Taliban commander Mulla Muhammad Rasool Akhwand along with six other Mujahdieen were martyred in this attack. Four other injured Mujahideen were arrested while one Afghan militia troop was also killed. Sources reported that battle still continues in the region.

    In an interior region of Paktia province, Mujahideen attacked a coalition military convoy. The convoy was en-route to carry out an operation against Bacha Khan. Two vehicles were destroyed in this attack and seven US marines were killed on the spot.

    Mujahideen launched a deadly attack over US military convoy in Paktika at about 1pm on Wednesday afternoon. Three US military vehicles were destroyed in this attack and 18 US marines were killed. The attack lasted for four consecutive hours.

    In border region of Irghisan, opponents attacked an Afghan check-post on Wednesday night. District commissioner&#39;s son was killed in this encounter. Reinforcements were called and 15 personnel with heavy ammunition reserves were arrested during the house by house search.

    The coalition forces claimed to have arrested 21 Taliban suspects in an operation in mountainous terrain of Shahi Kot region of Paktia. The operation code named Dragon Fury was carried out by 500 ground troops and 20 warplanes and gunships. More than 50 check-posts have been setup in Khost region adjacent to Pakistan borders. Afghan troops were sent in from federal government to take control of these check-posts. The purpose of these check-posts was to prevent entry of foreigners in Afghanistan.

    June 05, 2003

    KABUL (AZZAM): A US helicopter has been shot down in the Paktia. Reports have been received that there were no survivors, however, this has not yet been confirmed.

    June 06, 2003

    More Details on US Helicopter Shot Down in Paktia

    PAKTIA (AZZAM): It appears that the AH-64 US helicopter was shot down near Urgun region in Paktia on Tuesday while assisting the ground troops on an operation. US sources denied that it was shot down due to enemy fire, but stated that investigations into the crash are in progress. The US sources also refused to disclose the nature of the operation in which this gunship was involved. Both the pilots are still reported missing in action. Mujahideen sources, however, confirmed that the helicopter was shot down by them and that both the pilots were killed in the crash.

    May 31, 2003

    One German Soldier Dead:

    KABUL (AZZAM & NNI News Agency): An ISAF vehicle has been destroyed in a landmine explosion in Kabul. One German trooper was killed on the spot whilst another sustained life threatening injuries. This attack brings the total number of Germans killed in Afghanistan to 11.

    Mujahideen have attacked a US military base in Gardez. Three rockets were fired at the base but details of casualties remain undisclosed. US forces have also come under attack in Greeshak, but again casualty figures remain unknown, however a US spokesman added that two Taliban troops had been killed.

    May 30, 2003

    Four US Marines Killed:

    MEERANSHAH (AZZAM): Mujahideen fighters detonated a remote control mine as a US patrol approached the Param Bagh region, destroying a US military vehicle and killing four US marines. The attack occurred in the Pak-Afghan border area east of Khost airport as the vehicles were heading to Dubgee camp. The whole region shook from the intensity of the explosion. US warplanes carried out an aerial search immediately after the operation, but Mujahideen troops managed a safe exit. The US military spokesman at Bagram verified the attack on Wednesday. He did acknowledge that the Mujahideen had used a high-tech remotely controlled explosive device for the ambush. He did not, however, mention any casualty figures which is a regular feature during these press briefings in front of international media.

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    Oh, please...
    Originally posted by hypoluxa3k@7 July 2003 - 05:00
    Explosive Cinema

    HELMAND (AZZAM): A bomb was detonated in a cinema in Helmand killing three Afghan soldiers loyal to Hamid Karzai who were on duty there. No one has so far accepted responsibilty for the attack.

    Just to choose one, Hypoluxa-

    I see no mention here of U.S. casualties.

    Are you blaming the U.S. for the deaths of three Afghans?

    It also strikes me:

    Was the cinema peopled entirely by Afghani soldiers?

    Or was it just a really crummy movie only three Afghani soldiers wanted to see?

    Were their any civilians in the theater?

    More facts, please.
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

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