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Thread: New 'official' Kazaa.. New Problems

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    KaZaA 2.5 - Not on FastTrack anymore

    I know many of you won't believe me and shit like that.. But I read it on C|NET and well.. Kazaa is now on P2P Networking by Joltid. P2P Networking is basically a program which uses your bandwidth and shares files without your permission to other users. Kazaa wont work if you close P2P Networking. And P2P Networking downloads and shares files that you dont need or want and then sends them out to others. One company which is using them is Which suprised me. But since many of you don't believe me.. Download KaZaA 2.5, KaZaA is now moving everyone over to the new platform.. I read it on C|NET.. So go find it if you dont believe me.

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    Joltid are the owners of FastTrack.

    Kazaa 2.5 still uses the FastTrack network.

    You can OPTIONALLY install a component that adds a second little network.


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