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Thread: SCT giveaway

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    SCT Giveaway

    I receive a invite and i dont need that so giveaway.

    rules: 2 Ratio profs with max 2days
    1 speedtest(no the more important)

    Say me what's the most used Card-Sharing cam/plugin in dreambox.
    Say me why you need that.

    for more info about that google it

    p.s: PM me and say goodbye to your chances.

    plz write the answer only first letter and send me by pm the complete answer.
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    I need SCT because i dont have any tracker above level 6, and i want a good tracker with good pretime and good speed, and special packs that i cant get from other trackers.

    I'll edit with the answer.

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    I'd really like SCT. I'm new here, and an anti-trader, so my chances of getting fsc, sct, etc are really not too high, because I dont like trading invites.
    This would be really helpful for me as it'd help me getting 0day releses earlier

    I'm a good seeder and member, and try my best to help the community

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    no need thanks
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    really nice giveaway, hope you pick someone that deserves it

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    Hi, hope I can get this invite!

    here's my screenshots -> utorrent stats --> updated speedtest

    Is the answer G...?

    why u need that? :

    How Does It Work?
    This system works with any TV including cable or satellite. You simply hook it up just like you would a DVD player or a VCR. The receiver connects to your TV's auxiliary or video input. The transmitter connects to your computer's "video out" or video card. Our special G*** software allows you to operate our TV and Radio programming from any room using the special remote. It's a home entertainment package that's like having your very-own closed-circuit TV & Radio! Even if someone else is using the computer, you can still watch our programming at the same time. Our video software can run in the background as to not tie up your computer!
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    can i have it please for personal use

    Say me what's the most used Card-Sharing cam/plugin in dreambox.
    camd3 or gbox
    i am not sure
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    Edit: Unsubscribed from the giveaway
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    Would love an invite mate, all my info including seedbox (which is now vectoral) is in my signature

    GEMINI or Neutrino ?

    Thanks mate

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    rock the beat
    speed test:

    i need sct because it's e very complete tracker it's my dream.

    Quote Originally Posted by google
    exists several cardsharing protocols, the most used are G. and N. with good software developments.

    The general idea is:

    - DreamBox with local card shares trought internet the ECM of that card to other users. Those users can be DreamBox with local cards or others STB's with cardsharing suport that can also share this ECM's to others PEERS.

    - The protocol used by the server and Peers must be the same (gbox or newcamd are the most used ones).

    - The protocol software send the ECM's to internet to another user that have the same software protocol that receives the information and decrypts the ECM's to STB receiver and opens the channel of that specified provider.

    - Of course it's necessary to have an DSL connection with at least 1Mb or the image will freeze.

    - About the IP there's always a big problem. Your IP will be known by your Server and the rest of the PEERS. Since almost IP's are dynamic we must arrange a Static IP or have a service to update my IP everytime it changes (there are several free services in internet: dyndns or We can't use HideIP because the dyndns service will update the proxy IP and the protocol software instaled in our computer will not work.

    - We can share or reshare the ECM's to Internet or to our network (neibgourhs, another receiver on our house, etc, etc).

    YES IT'S DANGEROUS AND ILEGAL. If somebody want's to h4ck you they have your IP. At least it will be wise to have a good Firewall software and close doors 21, 22 and 23 on Windows Firewall.
    it's a tough job to find it, if you don't know it, time presses you

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    Speed Test

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