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Thread: HP's inkjet tech seeks to replace hypodermic needles

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    What else can inkjet technology be used for? Injecting drugs into humans, according to Hewlett-Packard.

    The company is licensing a medical patch it has developed to Ireland's Crospon that potentially can replace hypodermic needles or pills for delivering vaccines or other types of medication to patients. The patch contains up to 90,000 microneedles per square inch, microprocessors and a thermal unit.

    Medications contained in the patch are heated and then injected through the needles. Processors can monitor drug delivery, deliver doses over extended periods of time or deliver drugs in response to a patient's vital signs (e.g., blood pressure or heart rate), depending on how it is programmed.

    " I'm all for it but will junkies leave them in the gutter ? "


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    That is some crazy sh**. It seems that it would have some really useful applications for the medical world, but it's probably too complex and expensive to make it practical for drugs.

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    At least the drugs will be cheaper than HP's ink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapjb View Post
    At least the drugs will be cheaper than HP's ink.
    Well, said. It's sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer than buying replacement ink on HP printers. Funny thing is when I moved to Asia, the price is only a tenth of US prices.


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