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Thread: Need Experienced User Help with my Router

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    So i recently purchased a NETGEAR WPN824v2 router and am at a standstill in terms of successfully achieving NAT OK! status in Azureus (I'm using Mac OS X)

    I like to consider myself fairly experienced in creating a static IP address and forwarding ports, and trust me, I've went through the tutorial on a million times with and have tried every port imaginable. I've looked at the other specific thread on this router as well and it didn't help my NAT status.

    I can provide detailed information, screenshots: anything you need in order to help me in this tedious struggle.

    ----I'm begging someone who knows about this, PLEASE help me. I will be soo darn grateful and compliant.


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    wired and wireless connection to the router? if wireless, try using a cable and see if you have the same problem

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    Try disabling PeerGuardian (if installed) or disable any antivirus/firewall program and if this fixes the problem then you will need to change the permission in your firewall to allow TCP/UDP through Azureus.


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