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Thread: When I Play A Movie It Has A Gray Picture. Help?

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    how can i get a picture? i have sound but no picture

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    hi there !
    what format is the video in ? avi-mpeg-vcd and so on.
    the file may also be corrupt !
    also have several different players on your pc.
    Windows Media Player with latest xpack will
    play just about anything. InterVideo Platinum
    also plays anything, and some players will play a
    particular file where as another will not.

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    Probably missing the codec for your movie,open up your movie in a little program called GSpot and find out which codec your movie use and then download it
    or if you are lazy,then just downloda K-Lite Codec Pack which contains the most used codecs like DivX and Xvid

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    If u like to encode ur own movie (make ur own DVD rips) than dont use klite codec pack, it just comes with lot of problems. use GSpot and get the codec manually


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