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Thread: Virus In Dat File

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    Was D/L some stuff today and my Norton jumped up and said I had received a virus named W32.HLLP.Handy and it had cleaned the file. It was telling me it was a dat file and gave me the DAT file #. However the D/L had completed by then and the dat file had gone away and only left me with about four file names to guess from. Is there a way to tell or find out witch file actually had the virus????

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    In theory if it cleaned it than it is gone anyways. But not in the case of this virus, what it does is download virus infected files, so you will see that message. there is a removel tool at nortons website - the root infection is at C:windows/system32/CMD32 (that is on XP but should be the same.)

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    Thanks For The Info........... I believe it was in a K-Lite Skin called the Simpsons. I tried installing the skin and it would not install. So I made a note on the file for others to see not to D/L the file


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