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Thread: To admins !

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    Hi all .I am sick now of all these problems with .

    First; the invite came in my mail 12 hours after it's sending, how does this happens ?!

    Second; when the invite came in the mail, i clicked on the confirmation link for creating an account .The 404 not found error appears .The strange thing is that i haven't got an account there - NEVER !

    I'm sorry that the man who invited me ( FOR FREE ) has spent his invitation .......

    Now what should i do ?Can you send me another invite ( to the staff of ) ?

    Thanks in advance for the answer....

    PS : If the admins don't have an account here and are not reading, please, someone to send to them this message .
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    I doubt their staff hangs around, pm me with mail for that invite and i'll try to talk with them.


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