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Thread: Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall (1971)

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    Have you heard this piece of musical genius yet? This album does everything just right. The songs are great, which some of you have known for decades, but I have never heard Neil sing like this, connect with the audience like this, strum like this... This is a great song collection, AND a great performance, AND a great recording, AND possibly the best window we have on a great talent. You don't need to be a Neil Young fan to be moved by this recording, TRUST ME.

    Listen with good headphones and sink into the stories between the songs as well. The recording quality is remarkable, and Neil's subtlety, almost inaudible on other albums, is clear and detailed here. I believe this recording reaffirms his position as one of our greatest performers and craftsmen.

    This also wasn't released until March of this year.

    This is like no other album you've listened to. Ever.

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    I have been to one of his concerts. He is brilliant.
    My favourite of his is 'Bound For Glory' with Waylon Jennings.
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