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Thread: 28 Days Later Help

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    Hey everyone wassup,

    Well I downloaded the movie 28 Days Later (dvd rip) and it plays just fine but the thing is that when it plays...there is a slight green tint over the movie. its not a solid green like how the two towers can get but when there is a scene where you will see something white like a sheet or paper etc. The tint sort of ruins the realism of the movie. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several of my codecs but i still keep getting the same problem, if you guys can give me any help or went throught the same crap that i did, please POST.

    i got:
    win xp
    cable modem
    126 ddr ram
    intel celeron 2.0 ghz

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    What player are you using?
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    i am using windows media player, but it i get the same problem with REAl player, and BS player

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    It may b just one of ur codecs conflictin with one of the others or not installed properly..tri changin the xvid codec and see if that helps

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    Try usin DivX playa, dat normally sorts out da problem for me!


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    Get the K-Lite codec pack and use the BS player in that --- That should get the fucker working


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