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Thread: House Of Dead 3

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    has everyone seen the house of the dead 3 game out for xbox??

    is there anything else u can unlock in it, because realising that u have completed the WHOLE GAME in 24 minutes is pretty dissapointing,

    i couldnt believe it was that short theres 5 chapters in the game and the bossed are a walk through, but the 2 player mode is brilliant

    the game also features house of the dead 2 in it, but u have to unlock it theres a few new extras in the house of dead 2 mode:
    machine gun
    bullet upgrades
    other weird things

    so is there any thing else to do in the game?

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    played house of dead 3 its okay its just shotgun and crap (played it on arcade beat the game last boss is extremely hard)

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    did u mean that u ave the game or played it on an arcade?

    and yeah that boss is proper hard

    that wheel of fate shit

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    yeah yeah thats it teh wheel of shit to me tho

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    Sicko do you have an xbox lightgun? If you do is it hard to set up? The PS2 lightgun has to plug into your TV somehow I think, which is why I never bought TimeCrisis.

    I want to get a lightgun game

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    nah its ver very very easy

    all u do is plug it in, and then go into "calibration" then shoot the screen then its done

    it really is the best game for light gun cause sometimes games with light guns are some times innacurate but this is the best one to use it on by far

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    i played in arcade with mates
    this game is hard as shit
    can just about get past first boss
    then its game over


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