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Thread: Medal Of Honor - Dissapointment?

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    As i was playing the last minutes of medal of honor's latest installment which is as you already know is AirbornE i couldn't help myself but thinking that something in this game isn't right... for a world war 2 game it's extremely short, it only contains 5 missions. Although the soundtrack for the game is good and the graphics is impressive i have the feeling that EA hasn't put much effort in the storyline... they could have done it longer and more interesting like the last two mission (the first 3 are extremely boring, especially if you die before you reach a check point and have to start the whole thing all over again)

    is it only me? or did EA actually destroyed this once great franchise?

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    yes EA killed the good franchise
    P.S. I liked all other part but this really sucks

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    There's already a discussion right HERE

    How did you miss it lol. Anyway the game was short but it was great to play, There is a patch scheduled for the 17th (Monday) This will add dedicated servers and thats all I'm waiting for.
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