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Thread: Whats Going On With Kazaa Is...

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    there really must be lots of big veteran sharers that have left it. The true anonymous sharers that try to get good releases out. But not from this forum, though. See, of those 4,000,000 users on KaZaA all the time, only about 1 million are actually sharing correctly (meaning the other 3 million are only sharing like one MP3 song or something).

    And of that 1 million or so, most are sharing full albums in 128 quality. Or a whole bunch of random MP3s. Or random quick fix porn clips. But as for big movies, if you search for like "Charlies Angels Full Throttle" your results will not bring up centropy, DaDuck, or any kind of remotely good releases. What you will find are over a hundred users sharing a 125MB sh***tty file of it. Is it real? Lord knows. But if it is it cant be good if its 1/6 the size of a normal release DivX or MPG. Even cams would be a bigger file size.

    Compared to six months ago, you gotta admit KaZaA's slowing down. 192k MP3 albums are still kind of easy to get, but a noticable difference in the quickness of the past. And of course, the biggest slow down, the BIG problem, is already released movies (DVD rips/ DivX) are wayyy too hard to get now. Example: The Terminator, Part One. A DVD rip of it in 650MB DivX quality would be easy to find sources for six months ago. But now, not at all. Barely so, if you do find sources for one of these NOW-rare files, they probably will be slow or uncooprative. If you search for it, 90% of your results will be fake 25MB - 100MB clips of T3: ROTM. And for the 10% that gave you what you wanted, theyll mostly be like 250MB files of Terminater 1 that wouldnt be worth the download (crap quality)

    So KaZaA isnt dead, but the RIAA must have scared some of those sharers (that use a ton of bandwidth and have the highest, if any, chance of being caught)

    I for one am not gonna give up. I recommend some poeple here (as I will) to stop sharing MP3s and pics, and put more of your sharing power and spreading centropy and screeners, the big 700MB plus sized releases of movies, and I guess games too. If you're sharing Hulk SVCD for example, I doubt theres ANY chance of the RIAA finding you. If you share 100,000 MP3s and the Hulk SVCD, and use tons of bandwidth, thats when your chances go up (but still only to like .01% )

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    When you say random mp3s if you mean not full album rips then yeah that's me, sharing almost 700 songs (only 1 full album)

    About the movies, DVD rips are quite easy to find if it's a good film, I found around 100 users for fast & furious DVD rip, with it only searching for 20 mins.

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    It's always been that way mostly, though, even before the whole warning message, lawsuit RIAA thing.
    At the moment, there are 3,817,372 users online, sharing 828,000,383 files.
    A little quick division makes that about 216 files per user....which is obviously not accurate, as there are many
    of us who are sharing thousands of files.
    I personally share 101 full albums (a few 2 CD sets) and 122 misc. mp3s. (Yes, I only use Kazaa to share music).
    90% of which are 192kbps or higher.

    In all truth, FastTrack was losing ground in Movie, Game, and Software distribution - long before the current
    scare tactics - to more reliable file-sharing apps like eMule & BitTorrent.
    If you can't find it, move along. Remember, all good things must come to and end.
    Get it while you can.

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    I must say this has become old news, just as KaZaa is. If KaZaa is your only p2p program, you are a dinasour, the same as KaZaa itself.


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