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Thread: Is that kind of download system Rapidcrack really working?

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    I just found this mates but i really dont knew how to use that and if it really works maybe some of u can help me for this?

    Rapidcrack - it is so easy is a clever service, that allows everyone to download unlimited from

    the service is based on a community effect.

    it is very easy and gives you free downloads.

    but you will also earn respect and reputation among your forum friends.

    example situation: you surf your favourite forum.

    you find a bunch of you want to download.
    but you dont have a premiumacount or money for one.

    here are some example L1nks from rapidshare:
    you copy the correct rapidshare L1nks and go to

    click there on C0NVERT L1NKS
    insert the L1nks
    click the C0NVERT button
    now copy the new L1nks from the bottom

    with these new L1nks you go back to your forum.
    the forum where you got the original rapidshare-l1nks
    now write an answer to the topic like this

    now only 3 people must show their interest in the f1les.
    then the RapidCrack-system copies the f1les to a free serveer without limits.
    all f1les are cost-free without limits for everyone.
    also premiumuser can use the free f1les and spare their premiumcredit

    when you offer something to download
    best directly post the
    because the original RapidShare-L1nks are also reachable from RapidCrack.
    then people have the possibility to choose
    "RapidShare - the great Original" or "RapidCrack - the C00L alternative"

    have fun and tell your friends!

    Enjoy it

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    a video from youtube and it works wow


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