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Thread: Game To Play?

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    Is there any great game (action), that would run on my computer?
    Celeron III 700
    SDRam 128
    Intel Chipset 810
    HD 20 GB

    I was playing RTCW, Half Life, Dungeon Siege, CB Undying 1 year ago with no problem, but now they run like shit!
    I dont what's the problem?

    Please help

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    Do you keep good care of your computer? You should always run scandisk/defrag ect. Make sure you have the newest drivers too, that should help speed things up.

    When i first got my computer i didn't take very good care of it and it ended up getting filled with crap. Finaly I had to just make backups of everything i really wanted and then format my C drive and reinstall windows. It was pretty drastic, but once I was done my comp ran like it was brand new.

    As far as games that would run on that system... You want action? How about system shock 2, thats a hell of a game, really sacry. Or you could try the origonal soldier of fortune, thats a pretty good game too. Now my brain is drawing a blank, i can't think of anymore but hopefuly this helps you get some ideas. I'll post more when i think of some

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    My computer is three years old and about the same specs as yours. It still runs perfectly cept when windows goes haywire. I try to clean it out (I mean getting an air compressor and blow all the dust and crap out of the fans and off the boards and that) every couple weeks and periodically do a full Norton system checkup and that. It still runs good and I play all the latest games with only a PIII 1 GHZ and a GeForce 256 and they run great when the heavy graphics are lowered a bit And nothing's better then a reformatted computer

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    Ok I will try system shock 2, thanke you.
    How about service pack 1 (XP pro)? Is that a problem?

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    holy crap dude u got the crappiest computer I SEEn

    Just kidding but seriously u should get a new computer or at least addon some stuff to it like some more ram!

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    Ram is a problem I know!
    Plus no AGP on board! So.....

    But it's COMPAQ

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    lol ive never used scan disk or a defrag on my computer and ive had it for nearly a year and its still pretty fast

    but suppose i should now..... knowing that ive just told this, 2mora my pc will get trojan on it lol

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    well, I got really antik stuff (like 5 years old, can't remember exactly):

    Pentium II, 350Mhz
    old Aztek Labs Soundcard
    and a used Hercules 3D-Prophet 4500
    and after reinstalling Windows98 Se.

    I'm selling, who want's to buy? (got something like 500 in mind...)
    ... but let's be serious

    I did all one possible can like flashing everything you can flash (SystemBios, Cardbios..), some Windowsconfigurations, drivers and so on. Scandisc & Defragmentation has become religion.

    but the clue about this is, I'm still playing games like:

    Empire Earth, all Operation Flashpoints, Hitman 1+2, GTA3, Max Payne, Commandos 2,
    the last one was GTA - Vice City (little jerkily when big action, but good playable)
    Now I'm into TR-Angel of Darkness - it is running but too jerky -.
    Even though Splinter Cell, I heard, does not work with the Hercules (maybe give it a try...)
    The new T&L based games have beaten me.

    But the day will come, when I'm sitting in front of the newest HighEnd-System...

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