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    I was wondering if there is a certain thing i can search for that is the background music for rap songs. like the "noises" they make when people beat box. i want just the background without anyone rapping on it

    i know there is some that is just old songs looped over and over

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    You want original "noises" (like you call them), or do you want "noises" from well know rap songs?

    For original 'noises' aka beats aka b-boxing, search for "B-Boxing."
    For well known rap song 'noises' aka 'beats' try "HipHip Instramentals"

    If this isn't what you needed (since i couldnt tell what the fuck you were talkin about) reply and give more details.

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    i wasnt really calling it noise but the sounds made by beat boxing but yes that is what i wanted. thanks

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    this isnt really a sound as such but its a really good b-boxing tune

    rahzel: if your mother only knew B)


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