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Thread: Possible to have Newsleecher Sort Downloads into Individual Folders?

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    So on Mac, I use Unison and it works wonderfully. Not only does it sort downloads by group, it also sorts individual downloads into their own individual folders. This makes organizing them very very easy. Unfortunately, on PC, Newsleecher does not do this. I have it ticked to organize by group, however it merely places all downloads from one group into one large folder. This can get really messy, really quick.

    Is there a way to get Newsleecher to create individual folders for each download? Or is there a better alternative software?


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    Right Click on a group, select properties, change them to suit your needs, save & exit - restart, that should do it iirc.

    Newsbin Pro defo does what you seek though, and by using the programme autounpack it will repair & extract the RARs into an exact replica output of your choice, so it is all unpacked into the same group names as you used to download from.

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    This will only work if you use NZBs to download. Download any NZB, or make, and name it whatever name you like or just leave it as is. Open Newsleecher, click options, select the section that says "NZB Files" and make sure the following is checked marked.

    Now every time you click on a NZB file NL will make a folder and name it based on NZB file name.

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    Here is the way that I put all of my download's in to diffrent folder's using Newsleecher new's reader.

    On the hard drive that you want to files to go into create a folder with the name you want.

    Then in the queue select the files that you want to go into that folder.Then right click on the highlight files in the queue and look on the right click window and look down 4 from the top you will see Change DL Folder

    Left click on Change DL Folder and then Browse for the folder that you made before and then select that folder and click ok.Now your files will go into that folder and they are all together.

    Hope that help's.

    Mr Golf1

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    if you use the 'Repair n EXtract function, it puts it into it's own dated folder


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