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Thread: Xbox Live

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    ive not got that xbox live stuff just yet but ive been wondering what do u need to do to get it working??

    ive never seen the stuff u get when u buy the xbox live things but i know that theres like a microphone or something in it

    anyone know what it does and how it works

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    xbox live is software that u install on to ur xbox and a headset style microphone that you chat online with instead of typing!! you can also download stuff for your games on xbox live. many games use xbox live like unreal championship and midnightclub 2 and many more

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    so do u have it???

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    yes sir

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    you also have to have a high speed modem LIKE DSL OR CABLE! THIS IS REQUIRED!

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    Do you needa pay for xbox live..? besides purchasing the actual software?

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    When you buy the startup pack you get a year of xbox live access, however you still need to pay for internet access through an isp. (remember has to be broadband) I haven't heard too much about the price of xbox live after the first year but I think it will be about the same. (about $45 a year)

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    sounds pretty ok then, ive got broadband and the price in the UK isnt that bad either, so i mite get it soon

    wats the best game u can play on XBOX live with??

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    also try XB Connect
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    the hells that?

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