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Thread: console rom site

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    anyone got any rom torrent sites?

    like blackcats?

    just need one or so torrents and if poss as i know they dont have invites could i access it and i will seed 1:1 then quit?

    just need some roms asap for PSP

    mininova etc just too slow

    also if you could name the possible sites that have roms i would be helpful

    also if u have a bc games account just lying there let me know so i can use it and throw it back at cha.


    blackcat-games urgently required
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    I got two words for ya! Underground gamer

    Its the roms heaven

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.L.B View Post
    I got two words for ya! Underground gamer

    Its the roms heaven
    or bitGAMER
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