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Thread: Copy Utility Recommendation

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    New hard drive came the other day, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a copy utility. Looking to store a second copy of my music, video, and random stuff on this new drive. I wasn't sure the OS copy command could handle it without any data corruption or errors. Thanks

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    Paragon DriveCopy...

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    To be honest I don't rely on programs to store my fav pics or programs , I just burn to disk or store on a slave hdd ,as it seems like you want to do .

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    you can make a backup of your HD with DriveImage XML (it's free), and load it to your new HD.

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    I'd avoid any software which makes a copy of the drive. The simple reason being that the most likely time you will find out that your source drive is failing is when you are making a copy, and by definition you must be in the process of overwriting your last good backup.

    What you need, both for speed and safety is software which will keep folders synchronised - deleting any files on the copy when they've been removed from the source, adding any new files, replacing any files that have changed. Most importantly, leaving any files that haven't changed completely untouched.

    You could go for real time mirroring using something like MirrorFolder, but that seems a bit over the top for your requirements.

    Alternatively you could look at software which would synchronise the contents when you decide (possibly on a scheduled basis). Examples are Mr Mirror and FolderClone.

    I can't really give any recommendations since I haven't used any of these solutions. All three have trial versions though.
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    totalcmd -- with it you can even keep the date of source directories.
    fastcopy -- faster than windows default

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    Thanks guys, I'll take a look at those programs.
    @peat moss - thanks got to be the luckiest cat on earth!
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