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Thread: Anyone here knows an E**** MOD?

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    Hey guys, I tried to log into my account and can't seem to do it. Also when I tried to recover my password, the e-mail I used was not in the database. I didn't get one of those 404 errors, so I assume my IP is not banned. Anyone here knows a MOD and can ask him about my account? My SN there is "winky".

    Actually I think my account got hacked, I used the same PW for that site as Hdbits, and since HDbits' PWs all got leaked, someone must have tried my account info on e****...

    I found the guys who is doing this, he is trying to hack into my ScT account as well. His e-mail address is his IP is

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    PM Shafter.

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    your account is safe, i guess. i dont see any notice which disabled or something like. clear your cookie and then try again, or pm a mod, shafter.

    you think hacked? hmm... last seen 14 hours ago... and 2 torrents seeding atm.
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    That's not me logging in. And that's not me DLing/ULing. The guy went into my account. Changed my PW and e-mail. Essentially locking me out.

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    shit that sucks

    edit: do you have proof that winky over there is actually you?
    maybe if you get a mod to verify the pw and email change was recent then maybe, but then again, you could have traded the account.
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    Well I have a e-mail from e**** telling me that my e-mail was recently changed. All the MOD has to do it change my e-mail back. Then I can change the PW. Then I get my account back.

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    well you could have traded the account and now you want it back.
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    I never wanted to trade it. It got hacked.

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    On the home page of E**** it clearly states u chould change ur password becuase of the recent hackings of Bitorrent trackers. Why didnt u change your password?

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    Because I was lazy.

    Can anyone help me with this though.

    I already changed my PWs for all my sites and my e-mail, and I have learned my lesson.

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