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    Hi all. I'm relatively new to this board, but I have been filesharing since the original Napster, through Morpheous, and now on to Kazaa.

    The problem is, I would like to dig a little deeper. Anyone here have any experience with IRC? Maybe some suggestions for good sites to hit up?

    Thanks in advance for any help given

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    If your looking to find files try and, hope that helps.

  3. File Sharing   -   #3 is the best irc search engine. all of the warez, games, new movies and albums that are broken early filter to kazaa and other programs through there. just put in something you want like let's say the hulk, or janes addiction stray and you'll be given a list of rooms with it. You click the packet # at the beginning of the line with the items name it it'll launch irc and take you to the room where you right click paste. as for music though i'd advise ditching kazaa for soulseek. there are tons of whole high quality albums for the picking. sometimes the queus are long into you being the 1000th person but you get the album in one fell swoop. check it out and download it at slsk,org.

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    What do you mean by right-click paste? Sorry, not too familiar with IRC at all

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    the irc rooms are like chatrooms. the area where you'd usually talk inside a chatroom is where you type the trigger to request the files. right click and hit paste into where you's usua;lly talk and hit enter and you'll be qued or the file will send if the bots online.


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