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Thread: Which linux distro should i choose for a seedbox?

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    im wondering which linux distro i should choose for running a dedicated seedbox?

    could anyone offer advice on this please?


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    optimus_prime's Avatar Guardian BT Rep: +2
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    whatever distro you're most comfortable with

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    Quote Originally Posted by optimus_prime View Post
    whatever distro you're most comfortable with
    i am not experienced with linux, but my job used to be a solaris unix admin, so im sure i will get to grips with linux quite quickly.

    i want to go with linux to save money and not have to pay a monthly fee for a windows license.

    i just dont know which distro to pick, for example, vectoral offers several different linux options.

    i plan to install the linux i choose on my laptop first to learn how to set up the seedbox, and then when i understand how to install and get running torrentflux (for example) or perhaps rtorrent, then i will order my seedbox with that version of linux.

    i was thinking about going with ubuntu.

    i would like to run beryl too at home.


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    FC6 is easy to manage, and there's a nice guide here on the guides section for you to follow:

    (it doesn't really matter that the guide is meant to be for leeware, if you have FC6 it will work for you)

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    for a server to use on a seedbox the easy distro to configure and run is fedora core . I have configured Linux seedboxes using fedora, debian sarge and ubuntu, and to get everything up and going quickly fedora is the simplest.


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    I'm starting to like centos minimal. No need to download 6 DVDs for install on a local machine, and it's based on RHEL so you get yum and some nice init tools. I used to be a debian fan, but they are too slow with "stable" packages and your system can get in a real mess using "testing" packages.

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    cheers guys.

    one last question.

    can i run beryl on fedora core? id like that to be my GUI on my home machine.

    edit: found answer, FC does support beryl, think i will choose FC then.
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