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Thread: Is There A Dummies Guide?

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    I have a legitimate request, it's after the explanation. I've been using kazaa lite for a while now, but just recently I have run into problems on certain games that will not run or open correctly. I have been given adivce and to change the file extensions to something that works and so on, but nothing works. I also have another problem with movies that involves what I guess you would call "encoding" so that I can play them on a DVD player. I've tried the different suggestions and I just can't figure what exactly i did wrong. I tried converting a supposed avi file to avi using win ISO and it came up with something like 4gigs is the max for this file conversion with a fat32 file system. I justs wanted a good looking svcd so I can watch it on my DVD player. I've seen SVCD with DVD quality but I just can't figure out how they do it. I am a newbie virgin to this stuff and no matter what some people might try to explain to me I am still usually out in the dark. My REQUEST is, is there a dummies guide to making (S)VCD's and downloading games and getting them to work? Either that or a help file or something that will try to explain the various methods of getting certain game rips to work. A step by step guide to making (S)VCD's would help to. Thank you.

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    well some games are "rips" , dont download those.. they tend to be missing files and are not even CD Images

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    Check out There are plenty of good links and tools to make vcds and the like. FAT32 file systems cannot handle files over 4 gigs. So what you need to do, in most of the conversion/encoding programs, there is an option to encode the file into seperate parts of size you specify. Don't just do a straight encode of the whole movie. It just makes things difficult when you try to put them on cds. You can usually specify how many cds you want to use, usually the more you use the higher the quality, encoding rate, when to start a new file (like if you want only files of 300 mb, it will encode the movie till it gets to 300 mb, then start a new file from where it left off), among other stuff. Also, it take's alot of practice and experience to know what options to use and that to get great looking movies. So check that site out, there are plenty of faqs, guides, programs, links, etc on there.


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