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Thread: Vcd Easy Burned It Black And White?

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    any clues as to why when I burned X-Men2 Centropy with VCD easy it came out black and white?

    the file plays fine in WMP...and plays fine in my DVD player...cept it is black and white..argh!!!!!!!!


    never f***ing's my god damn new DVD player...return time!

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    It's most certainly because the DVD you burned is in NTSC format and:
    a. you haven't set your DVD player to convert to PAL
    b. your player can't convert (which is unlikely as it seems it's new, might be a cheap one that can't do it tho...)
    c. your TV is old and can't display other formats than PAL

    Or it may be othe other way around, it's burned in PAL and :
    same thing again, but exchange PAL for NTSC

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    that is such odd logic...but you are right...

    the file was burned in PAL..and I had to set the DVD player to NTSC...

    thank you so much! I am so glad I was just bitching about this setch, and it reminded me of this post...


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