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Thread: Handy Hint for wirelss mouse users.

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    Hi Guys

    I have had a Logitech wireless laser mouse for the last year and its great. The freedom from that cord is so great.

    But I used to have the odd problem with it not working after I booted up. I spent ages playing with my batteries etc etc and going back to my old mouse. Then in a few days I plugged my Logitech cordless in and it worked !

    I could not find any help on their web site.

    Then one day I twigged it.

    If ever your Logitech cordless fails to work, just unplug the wireless receiver from your PC and then plug it back in again !

    You will find that Windows recognizes it again and you will be away ! (so simple and easy)

    Kind Regards


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    Good tip, but if you are talking about a rechargeable mouse then in my experience the real problem is actually slightly different.

    The problem appears to be in the charging circuit, and related to new batteries. Although the recommended period is 16 hours for the initial charge, it will appear to be fully charged after only a short time and will not take any more charge. Consequently there is not enough power to make the mouse operate properly.

    The solution is to remove the battery for a couple of minutes after the initial charge. This seems to reset the charge level, so you can charge the battery again and this time it will take the full charge.

    I've found this problem on all 4 units I've dealt with, so I'm confident this is a working solution. Unplugging the wireless receiver may also reset the charge level for a short time, but the fact is you haven't changed the level that the mouse itself registers, which may explain why you have to repeat the exercise.
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