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Thread: Four Cc Problem

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    Can anyone help, when trying to play some movies get that the file contains information not recognised also included in the error message is video data: FOURCC code"0".

    I've tried using windows media 9 also kazaalite player with the latest codecs installed, also have tried DivXplayer2.1 from the bundled pack 5.05


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    try uninstalling all the codecs that you have then just install the kazaa codec pack.

    what movie are you trying to watch?

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    Trying to watch Terminator 3 Filename T3DVDrip1of2.avi
    also had a matrix reloaded movie file that does the same

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    Any movie with the codec "0" is a fake sorry m8

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    yea, i greatly doubt that there is a terminator 3 dvd..... any dvd rip of a movie that just came out is 99.9999999 percent fake

    use avi preview next time


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