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Thread: Games For 56 K Modems

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    Can you guys tell me some good(but small in size say around 10 MB) games that can be downloaded on Kazaa. Most of the games on Kazaa are beyond 56k modems due to their huge size!


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    Doom 1 and 2 or Doom Final might be good. They small and very good games.

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    I've already tried the Doom series(tho thats a good suggestion).Can you name some more?

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    the house of the dead, quite funny but very fast. (shooting), duke nukem, worms armagedon... but i guess around 10 mb it's gonna be an old game

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    duke nukem 3d

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    i have a 56 kodem but i download 200 mb files start your download at night and close the monitor in the morning the file should be done.

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    well there is thief,oddworld,and some of the early Quakes


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