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Thread: Good Place to find Classic Movie (1930s - 1960s)

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    Hey guys, I have been digging around trying to find all these classic movie.

    But apparently it seems that there aren't any good site that feature specially these type of movie.

    I kinda got my hands on few of them on mininova or piratespace, but thats about it

    Anyone got good recommendation for site?

    Thanks ahead

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    Have you tried

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    78 specializes in this stuff

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    Oh let me take a look

    Thanks ahead

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    public trackers and demonoid .. ! it will be slow but you will get your stuff

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    Actually Karagara doesn't seem to have public access?

    It seems you need to register somewhere but I can't seem to find the register page .

    As for Demonoid, it is closed for registration I tried digging up invitation code, but seems like there is tons of people looking for one.

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    invite code sent!

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    Hey thanks guys!

    mainly I am trying to find movie by Olivia De Havilland

    and I manage to dig out 6 more tonight.

    Really appreciate everyone's help


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    Probably not what you are looking for, but I saw yesterday that a LOT of classic old movies are being uploaded to rapidshare, and I mean way more then i've seen anywhere before. There are many sites to search rapidshare stuff. Most of the titles I was browsing were like 1930-1970, all available, and free if your willing to deal with the dowload restriction (like 200 minutes between dl's per IP), or buy/trade for a premium rapidshare account for unlimited dl's with no wait.

    I was never big on rapidshare, but the selection is surpassing even the best of torrent sites in terms of older content.
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    huck pm me ur email

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