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Thread: How to Find Free Sheet Music

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    Here's a simple guide to finding sheet music! Please remember to share your finds.

    Through the Internet No scanning required.

    1. Google Search by far the simplest way to find sheets on the internet. You will mainly find Public Domain sheets and websites of new composers.

    2. Free-scores - One of the most popular sheet music directories and download sites. Contains many links to good sheet resources.

    3. eMule - By far one of the best sheet music resources. You can find just about every popular sheet from the Beatles to Jethro Tull to Green Day to whatever else. Also a good resource for classical sheets. Has a small learning curve to get used to though.

    4. Ares Galaxy Another eMule-like file sharing system. Rather easy to use with minimal configuration.

    Public and Private Resources

    Of course the best resource for classical (and sometimes ethnic and popular) sheet music is your local library network. For an easy way for you to search for sheets, you can try out or ask your librarian for assistance with interloan.

    Friends are also a good resource for sheets.

    Music teachers and band/orchestra directors often have music for solos and ensembles that they will let you borrow on request. If you are lucky, they might let you borrow scores and parts.

    Colleges and Universities are often good resources if you make friends with the music librarians or professors.

    There are many other ways to find sheets. Be creative, and have fun.

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    other (i think) is a good tracker with sheet music

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    Thanks been looking for something like this

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    Add this in if you want
    For chinese pop songs sheet music :

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    I think I have one or two accounts somewhere for, it is pretty amazing. Just PM me if you want one.

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    another way is to go on and download the 'guitar pro' tabs. when you open them in Guitar Pro you will have sheet music as well as a tab.

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    thanks for this good trackers


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