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Thread: HALO 3--->Torrent--->Has it happened??

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    Has halo 3 been uploaded to a torrent site yet for all to download or has it been release anywhere at all, public,private?


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    You can search it in all game websites!

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    yea. look on

    you can download it, and play it directly on your computer!! you don't need a 360, or a mod

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    Abit of a stupid question asking if a game has leaked. SEARCH for it on a torrent site then ask your self why the hell did i make a stupid thread.
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    i dont think people should even bother leaking the game
    as everyone should buy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by abu_has_the_power View Post
    yea. look on

    you can download it, and play it directly on your computer!! you don't need a 360, or a mod
    Ew, they want me to validate my windows and install new version of IE.

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    xbox skytracker have it exclusive not sure if its fake tho

    Hello, This is an exclusive upload to xbox-sky.. This is NTSC and Region Free.

    SS patched dmi pfi, Ixtreme patched.. Everything patched for online play.
    Dumped with the latest software and a kreon firmware samsung drive.

    Have fun.. I am uploading on 150kb/sec so bare with me.
    This works 100% real real real. Not a fake!

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    its on usenet now, itl be on torrents soon enough probably tomorrow but if its on sky now i wish i still had my account *cracks head off wall*

    assclown version is on xbox sky, would love for someone to upload it to a different tracker
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    Halo 3 USA XBOX360 now available on BlackCats
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