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Thread: Ow To Get The Best Quality In Dvd2divx

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    i dont think this has ever been discussed b4 but what wud be the best settings to get a divX out of a DVD rip using flask .78 and divx 5.0.5 pro.

    i tried multipass but i think flask isnt properly doing the 2 pass ( this version configures both passes at the start only.) also i am wanted 1 cd rip (703MB) but not getting the quality so i think wud do a 2 CD rip.

    also i tried extracting the original track but both the tracks it shows 2.0 192Kbps where as power dvd shows onae track as that and other as 5.1 channel. i did a ac3 rip but now i cant join since virtualdub isnt loading the audio.

    well pls all tips coz i used to do this way back wid version 3.xx and since then had lost touch.

    also the movie i am trying to rip is interleaved so well in pregressive i get okay quality but when interleaved (experts say interleaved 2 interleaved wud generate better quality that interleaved to progressive) there is large amount of seperate lines of the interleaving showing.

    okay the movie is die another day so what setting of motion shud i set coz i certainly cant decide

    also i say this article which said to use divx 4 low motion and high motion codecs and join the movie at end. a bit of a long procedure but maybe gud enough.

    so is there any other version of divx i shud use to get better quality.


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    Try Xvid, I've encoded 200 meg (mpeg file) shows in it, and had it do a 1-pass VBR, and it ended up to be 92 megs instead, with like, the exact same quality. I love xvid, it seems to be the best mpeg4 based codec around. And yes, multipass is a BIT confusing in flask, but hey, it seems it's more confusing (just slightly for me) in Xvid... cuz you know, I haven't fiddled around with the settings yet. But Xvid truly is the king of mpeg4 based codecs, regardless of what other people say.

    Edit: Left out some specifics, now added.

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    okay will try that out as soon as my net it back on


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