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Thread: binage going open source

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    We decided BinAge had to take some summer vacation too.

    We are now back and the website should be back soon.

    There are some good news too. We decided to clean up the current code we developed to fetch, parse, and run the website (you know, the dwarves doing all the work for putting files and packages together for you). It will be released under an opensource license, so all the nzb websites out there can finaly have a good software to use.

    It won't affect our users, but it should be a big benefit for users of other nzb websites who decide to use our parser.

    The current code uses python for the backend and ruby on rails for the front. We'll probably give access to a mercurial repository as soon as the source is ready to be downloaded. It will focus on performance. Indexing 600 millions articles should take a single server, as the one we currently use.

    Reload this page once in a while for more information or join us on our Google group. We hope you missed us.
    That would be pretty cool if the source code they use for indexing usenet becomes open source. People could easily setup their very own version of binage. Or this forum may even be able to automatically index certain newsgroups if rossco feels up to it

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    Thats awesome news! Itd be even better if i had a Binage account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidan View Post
    Thats awesome news! Itd be even better if i had a Binage account
    Open source.... so just open up you own "binage"


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