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Thread: Linux Usenet Programs?

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    I recently switched to linux, anyways can anyone tell me what the best linux newsreaders are? and also if there are any par2 apps.

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    You might want to try the latest Pan Beta. I used that one some time ago and it probably came closest to some of the Windows alternatives.

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    Use the best, hellanzb. Search on google; you will need to know a little to get it working though

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    klibido is also an option but there are no tools in the same league as newsleecher, newsbin or even grabit on linux at the moment if your grabbing headers.

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    Designate a folder for nzb files. Load it up with nbz's and if properly configured hellanzb downloads, unrars (or unzips or unsplits or whatever) and uses the PAR files if neccesary. In the end you're left with the extracted files. Ready for use.

    It all brings tears to my eyes.
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    I started with hellanzb but moved over to sabnzbd. Been using that for over 1,5 years now i think.

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    Another vote for hellanzb. Theres also a lot of things you can download for it, like a web interface (I think its called hellahella?)

    Edit: Page about hellahella. Also, this page has a list of other things, like GUIs and Firefox extensions.
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