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Thread: megaupload/rapidshare tricks?

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    i found a post before that gives websites that 'helps' you download files from megaupload ang rapidshare. i think it asks for the megaupload/rapidshare link and then it gives you a download link to the file without wait times or even limits on parallel downloads.

    the only problem with that site is that it has a limit on how many links it could provide. anybody here know those sites?

    i forgot to bookmark them before

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    im also lookin for this aswell.

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    This works for Rapidshare for sure. I haven't tried Megaupload or others yet, but it should work for others too. I figured this shit out today, hint hint: Proxy. You don't need to download anything. Just do these steps to download more than one file at a time from Rapidshare (and maybe others) This shit works for me...

    Read everything before you try this!

    1) You need to find a good proxys list (Best if you use the Anonymous types)
    2) If you got:
    -Firefox >> go to (Tools > Options > General > Connection Settings) and select "Manual Proxy Configuration"
    -Exporer >> go to (Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan), select "use proxy server"
    3) Enter the proxy IP and Port #S and save
    Now with the Proxy ON ...
    4) Go to the Rapidshare's link that you want to download from.
    5) Scroll down. Click the FREE button, like always.
    6) Wait until you have to enter the 3 letters/numbers
    7) Before entering those 3 letters TURN OFF THE PROXY (see#2)
    The Proxy is OFF...
    8) Now enter the 3 letters and downoad...
    9) Repeat everything with different proxy for more dowloads at the same time

    NOTES (If it's not working):
    -Like I said, it's best if you use Anonymous proxy
    -Try another proxy if...
    > You can't go to any websites(in this case Rapidshare)
    > Rapidshare makes you wait for too long
    > Rapidshare says you are already downloading

    - The reason you turn off proxy before downoading, is because you download with your own, acutal speed, not proxy server's slower speed. Rapidshare, at this point, won't detect that you are already downloading something(If it does, use another proxy).
    - Your downloads won't be affected when you switch between proxies or your own IP
    This works for me for sure! It all depends on how good is the proxy address.
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    rofl hehe triple post yea but jus reset ur net, changes ip works a treat for me.

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    i have hearde about this before and i ll get this soon

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    Thanks snoopdo2g, I've tried using proxy for rapidshare before but it never worked out because the download sped would be too slow.
    Never thoguht of turning it off before i get the download.

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    what he's talking about is both premium link generators and leechers

    using proxies work but they can be really slow and are probably used already.

    turning your router/modem off and on or resetting it with ip config works great but is really annoying.

    then you have leechers and premium link generators, leechers are scripts you can put on any php enabled free website and download 1 file to it then you can download that from the website. premium link generators are scripts ussualy put on peoples webservers that use their own premium account to let you download without waiting though your ussualy restricted to 5 links/files per site.

    theirs atleast 100 premium link generators/leechers out there if you search.
    i used to use them before i found out how easy premium was to get.

    now about megaupload
    they give you premium every day from 8pm-3am called happy hour.
    you need the tool bar and a free account to activate it.
    its all the premium you will need with megaupload.

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    i've tried many methods... aswell as some programs.. and they all have failed me...

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    Thx snoopdo2g , will try it

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    Thank you snoopdo2g, this is usefully trick!

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