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Thread: DC rar hub?

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    hey, can someone explain me what a DC rar hub is? i know what DC is, but i have never used it

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    a DC hub with original scene (not unrared) releases...
    The clarification is made couse most public DC hubs have manny unrared things, so the DC rared hubs try to follow scene standars.

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    DC++ Rar hubs (Scene Hubs) are very good, get lots of connections, generaly not a lot of ppl with fast conenctions but there is geranlly quite a few with 100/100 and fast content, not as fast as torrent but still fast all the same.

    They are private just like any other private torrent tracker due to security issues that can come about and they main have a reg hub where new ppl trying to get on would have to go first to make sure that their share would pass before they are allowed in


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