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Thread: Hairy Putter?

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    It's really NOT in the story.... it's in the MARKETING!!!

    I have to say that I have NOT read a single Harry Potter novel (book....whatever)
    AND I am NOT going to!!!

    The bits and pieces of the series that have seeped through into my attention reveal a well-packaged product targeted for imbecil kids that grew up with the PC- adventure and role games and hunger for more cloacks, daggers, magic, and mystique and just haven't taken the time to find anything better!

    Well... as far as SAGAS go.... Tolkien, Herbert, Gibson or anyone from Iceland (&#33 tells a better story with less by-products...

    AND if You really want something to write home about , read Harry Harrison's "Bill The Galactic Hero" - series....

    Harry P. is just a little nerd with a magic-wand.... (hey...let's have a harry potter party.... somebody go get a sackfull of horn-rimmed glasses!!&#33 Enid Blyton would have had a BALL reading that s***!!!

    One thing that's hard to believe is that even grownups read HP!!!

    Boy!!!Talk about good marketing!!! I guess they play with little HP-dolls, too!!!

    HP is a good SAUCE... as far as anything else goes... gimme some more ketchup, please!

    Well.... anyone can just be happy with his/her own bookcase, but mine is off limits to dear old Harry!!

    Yipikaiei... mf's....and BYE!!!


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    The Harry Potter books are actually pretty good, but are massively overhyped.

    Why don't you try reading them before mouthing off about them?

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    i have to agree with lamsey. I'm 17 years old and i've read the new harry potter book. I thought it was dumb too until i accually read it. Whether people like it or not doesn't matter. The majority is already in favor considering it's been the highest selling book for a long time. It sold 5 million in the first day. Tolkien, Herbert, Gibson or anyone from Iceland can't beat that.

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    Well.... when I get retired and have NOTHING else to do.... OR maybe they will bury me with a copy of HP.... BUT before that.... NOT happening!

    Anyway... personally I find all that Sword&Magic-stuff IMMENSELY boring...
    Medieval&other such s*** is GONE as far as I am concerned....

    I find Science-Fiction much more interesting, even if it's all just fairy-tales...

    Asimov, Herbert or Dick over HP any day of the week, thank You!!!

    I'm just waiting to see when the hell Holly-F******-wood is going to produce a really good SF-movie.... the technology is allready there but with stories like "Armageddon".... gimme a break!!!

    There's enough good novels around but they keep making this "Ghosts Of Mars"- kind of bulls***!!! Any book by William Gibson turned into a film would kick "The Matrix" plus all it's sequels in the butt!!! Matrix boasts with technology but has no real storyline... what would become of a good story with technology added... a Hollywood impossibility??? Another Titanic?Another fiasco?Another exercise in futility?Or a flick starring Arnie Schwarzenegger?Who the hell knows!
    Hollywood has the ability to turn even the best of the best books into senseless gibberish! I have often wondered... when I have seen the movie after reading the book.... what is the idea of changing characters names, locations, etc. until the whole thing is barely recognizeable ???Hollywood logic?

    I also wonder why good books tend to turn into rotten films...

    Maybe the two art forms should never collide but be kept separate at all times?

    Enough disasters in this world as it is...


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    i dont read much at all. I think this new harry potter book is the longest i've ever read. I enjoy listening better so i'm listening to the prisoner of azkaban on audio. It's also faster. But you can't diss harry potter considering it's success. The Matrix or Matrix reloaded can't compare to harry potter anyways because considering the stats. Harry potter did better than the matrix reloaded. The two towers did better though.

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    harry potter and the sourcer's stone is 10th on the all time grossing movies. matrix reloaded is 18th. So that's not even a comparison.

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    Well... YOU probably buy Your music following the charts numbers, too???Anything high on the charts is GREAT, right???

    Who is this guy???An HP-sales manager???What is he thinking???

    What the hell do I care about SALES NUMBERS... are You saying 200.000.00 idiots can't be WRONG??? 200.000.00 idiots think "The Bold And The Beautiful" is a good TV-series....???

    And IF you had READ anything by "Tolkien, Herbert OR Gibson" you would not use their names while talking about that un-mentioned vessel of mass-idiocy.

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    You don't read much at all???

    You don't think much at all either???

    The brain is like a muscle in your body... IF you don't USE it... it withers away.

    I rest my case.


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    see look there. idiots like these that give forums bad names. There newbie's to the forums and just when they start they have to start flaming to get noticed. If you'll read what i have said then you'll notice that i dont like what is necessary #1 on the billboard or the boxoffice. I just said you can't diss it if it's number because it proves that people like it. It's kinda like if someone is selling 10th highest on the billboard charts and they go about saying that nsync is dumb and stupid and why would anyone like nsync. Your pretty much dissing yourself considering your selling way less than they are and they have no room to talk.

    Your right i dont think much at all. But by what you've said you don't see much. Maybe you need some glasses or something. Next time you'll stop putting words in my mouth. I consider the matrix reloaded to be better than harry potter and lotr even though it didn't sell that much. But i also don't go flaming it and other people's opinions. I might give an opinion back as i did here, but i'm certainly not immature to start a fight about it like you have. I would suggest first to get glasses then go take a chill pill.


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    H.H., who is to say that one ignorant such as yourself CAN'T be wrong? HMM? I rest my case! lOLOLOL. Uh, yea.


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