I need an OiNK Inv. I had an acc. there with a 2 gig buffer always but then it got deleted for inactiveness. So, can anyone be a champ and send me a PM with a free one or list what you need and maybe i can forfill it.


You Will NOT get banned for inviting me. i have ratio proofs also of my acc. that got deleted a few days ago.

If you have tried to login to the site only to be told that your information is not valid, and when you have tried to recover your password you have been told that your email address is no longer in the system, your account may have been deleted for inactivity (non-donors and non-power users are deleted after 6 weeks of inactivity). If this is the case, the staff cannot help you and you will need to get a new invite in order to use the site. Once again, do not join this channel hoping for an invite.