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Thread: Bad Boys Ii Official Thread

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    Thought i'd start an Official thread (hey everyone else has had a go&#33..So this is the place u wanna stick all stuff 'Bad Boys' related until & after its release date, which i think in the U.S. is July 18.....From what i've seen of the movie trailerwise it does look the shit, mind you its a Bruckheimer pic and this guy does ACTION!! If the storys are true its meant to feature one of the most expensive celluloid Stunts/Explosions of all time, the destruction of a real 100 million dollar mansion in Miami, from what i heard the place was up for sale and the producers bought it only to blow the f***er up!!! Keep the titbits rollin!!
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    i loved the first movie and i am ready to see the second one. Eminem can say all he wants, but with movies..... Will is da sh!t.

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    This thread was also an excuse for me to post up this DVD cover for 'Bad Boys 2'... Saw an artwork for T3 someone had done and thought it looked the biz! So i've had a go myself. I know it says VCD on the cover but thats what i've started doing, putting my VCD movies into dvd cases (they look much better)..P.M. me if you fancy a movie cover creating (i've got my designers head on now)......

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    Yeah the 1st movie was the business, someone put a thread in Movieworld about the films u had seen umpteen times and 'Bad Boys' was one of mine...I just thought the pairing of Smith & Lawrence was great, they really bounced off each other and delivered some superb comedy moments...Also the 1st movie had one of the greatest movie villains imo of all time with Tcheky Karyo..whats this guy done moviewise since??? answers on a postcard..
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    It is just me or has Martin Lawrence put on weight since the first movie?

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    I second that, jus' take a look at the latest poster Mr Lawrence is turning into a right little porker!!!
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    Will Smith looks like hes spent all the time in the gym since making the first one...Guess it was for the Ali film he did tho

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    Well &#39;Bad Boys 2&#39; has had its US premiere..And aint Jada Pinkett damn fine, what a shit f***in life Will Smith must have Only 1 week to go to whats lookin like/shapin up to be a great friggin action flick (jus like the 1st)..Get ready Centropy&#33;&#33;&#33;

    Also just lookin at the artwork from the 1st movie to this, u can see who is the bigger movie star now (Mr Smith come to the front, Mr Lawrence get ya ass back there&#33;&#33

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    I can&#39;t wait for it to come out.. probably first on Bittorent.
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