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Thread: Hello,mates..Have To Offer

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    Hello mates

    How R U? I hope You all are fine

    I really missed you All

    I was quite busy.

    anyway here I'm again among you

    I have an account that i wanna trade

    BTV VIP acc ~400GB Buffer with all invites +mail

    and I guess with the Beginning of Most TVShows new Seasons,many people would want an acc. like that

    I hope To get some high level Tracker for that

    PM me with Pleasure

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    wow 400 gb buffer
    this is enormous

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYoY View Post
    wow 400 gb buffer
    this is enormous
    it may be enormous but he better keep it for himself because he could get disable only for posting it for trade. and for proof he could look for threads made by other members here in FST who got disabled for the same reason or less.

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    i have revtt acc and bitme acc and iplay acc 200 GB Buffer ?????


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