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Thread: Gta Vc

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    i finnshed the haitan and cuban gang missions and i bought the ice cream factory what do i do now all i see on the map is the save points and my house and the factory what do i do next

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    how much percent have u completed the game?

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    27 percent what next

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    have u done all the phone box missions and everything?

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    Try going to ur mansion or the VRock station. Just go to all the places u have been before.
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    i think i have but there not on the map what else could i do or do i have to doe those checkpoint and rampage mission

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    You have to own all but two of the assets. So go buy all the buildings, and then you'll receive a phone call.

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    k its not the one where sonny screams at u on the phone right? cause if so i got that call but i own the studio Vercetti Estate and Mr.Whoopee ice cream

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    do u have the propiety with the two boats? i don't remmember the name.

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